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Thursday, December 8, 2011
The Benefits of a Potluck
Posted by Meg at 01:08 pm

Brainstorming and potlucks have a lot in common. They both have contributions from various people with a bit of the unkown - or luck - in the outcome. We all know who we choose to bring food to our potlucks and may even which recipes we want them to bring. We also know who we turn to when we need to brainstorm. We are all looking for contributors who can deliver the best and most interesting results. 

Getting different people's contributions in either case adds variety, perspective and collaboration to any project. One idea or food item might spark another one. As an example, at our office potluck, one person is know for their great pulled pork fajitas. That leads to tortilla soup, guacamole and salsa. Not exactly earth shattering but it shows how one idea inspires others. 

We put on our chef hats and brainstorm ideas every day. You inspire us. We'd love to inspire you! Turn to us for your promotional potlucks. Together we will create great results.