Essential Connections
We connect with clients and suppliers who share our commitment to quality, service and fun. See below to find out what clients and suppliers are saying about O2. You can also connect with us by signing up below to receive our monthly tips.
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Essential Relationships
“When the character of a person is not clear to you, look at their friends.” -Japanese Proverb. In our case, please look at our clients:
Basis American Foods:
“Working with O2 Marketing is a pleasure. Their creativity and professionalism helps me meet my needs and provide my customers with innovative products and programs.”
“O2 Marketing has consistently provided promotional materials within our budget and had them delivered in time to meet our tight deadlines. They are creative, always friendly and fun to work with.”
Kaiser Permanente:
“I received the flash drives today and I am VERY PLEASED! They look wonderful. I wanted to send you an e-mail to commend you and your company. This has been a delightful experience and will definitely do business again.”
“Our Sales Rep is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. He uses both creativity and experience to narrow the search for the exact product to suit our needs. I'm consistently delighted with O2 Marketing's customer service and the quality products they represent, and appreciate their genuine concern and commitment to their customers. Thank you O2 Marketing for your dedication to always providing the best!”
McGuire and Hester:
“O2 Marketing makes me look cooler, smarter, and more creative than I actually am. I should probably be giving them a cut of my year end bonus.”
Onyx Pharmaceuticals:
“I've thoroughly enjoyed working with O2 Marketing over the years. Their services and support are always prompt, accurate and friendly. We (Onyx) truly value having them as not just another vendor, but as a partner.”
Overaa Construction:
“O2 Marketing + Design provides unique products delivered by a fun team of professionals, who are quick to respond to our needs.”
“I have had great service whenever I have called and asked for anything. You always have an answer or a solution within a reasonable amount of time. Keeping up with my order and other Pankow orders and knowing what I specifically have ordered in the past and basically understand exactly what my needs and wants are is very important to me and you have delivered every time. You make my job a lot easier. And it has been a real pleasure working with you.”
The Pasha Group:
“Our relationship with O2 is valuable to us and we especially appreciate it when O2 goes out of its way to bring creative ideas to our environment.”
“Our Promotional Marketing Consultant instinctively understands our needs and always provides optimal ideas along with exceptional customer service to Celerity. When we work with him, we are always satisfied at the end of every order.”
“O2 is a pleasure to work with. They went above and beyond what was expected and what could ever be expected of anyone. Their products were high quality, and delivery was fast and reliable. I would definitely continue to use O2 again and again, to ensure the success of my business.”
3M Promotional Markets:
“O2 Marketing + Design is a great company and a real pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail on their artwork and orders allows us to produce their items in a timely fashion, and get their products out.”
Blue Frog:
“I have been a supplier for O2 for over 7 years. They are a pleasure to work with because they get it. The O2 team is always professional and knows how to bring together a quality garment with a company’s logo to create a superior branded product. You’re in good hands with O2.”
Bullet Line:
“It is refreshing to work with a company that doesn’t play games, a group of people who are real. Real people are honest and want to be up front with their customers...I like knowing that O2 will always be honest...even if I don’t like what they have to say...but it means something to me!”
Golden State Activewear:
“They are some of the nicest and most creative people in the business - joy to work with.”
Leeds World:
“The O2 Marketing team is a phenomenal group to work with. They are hard working and a truly a creative bunch.”
Logo Mark:
“The O2 team is way “out of the box”. I love how O2 Marketing creates powerful promotions using our products.”
“O2 Marketing + Design has the dedication and innovation that makes them a leader in their field. This group delivers excellent service, are always a pleasure to do business with and have a great sense of humor.”
Partridge Marketing:
“O2 Marketing offers the ideal combination of professionalism, creativity and friendliness.”