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O2 Crew
Darci Chan
Customer Service / Sales Support
510 553 0202 x 201

Darci joined O2 Marketing in 2017 after 30 years in financial planning. She is detail oriented, client focused and highly experienced. 


A Washington State graduate, she is a native Californian who is an avid sports fan. She loves the Giants, the Warriors and the WSU Cougars. She has also adopted the schools where her husband attended - Cal (Go Bears!) and her daughters attended - Oregon (Go Ducks!) and Alabama (Roll Tide!). 

When she's not at work most of her time is spent hiking, playing bocce, attending sports events,

as well as visiting with friends and family in Tahoe, Stinson, Half Moon Bay, Oakland and beyond. She is famous for her Instagram Hump day photos. 


Sean Downey
Promotional Marketing Specialist
510 553 0202 x 204 / DL 510 383 4204

Sean joined O2 Marketing in 2012, looking to build a long career in the promotional marketing world. Previously, he worked on various direct sales campaigns for Telecom and Office Supply companies. He began his sales career in middle school by selling his mom's sandwiches to other students and pocketing the profits. He is committed to bringing creative ideas and effective programs for his customers.

A Berkeley native, Sean enjoys soccer, basketball, music and protesting parking tickets. He can still make a mean latte from his Barista days where his specialty was creating consistent quality every day. His favorite yoga pose is the Child's Pose and he is a die hard 49ers fan.

Sean is glad to be an O2 team member and can’t believe that he gets to make a living by talking to people and selling swag. He has great energy and persistence which endears him to his customers.


Katie Ferrari
Promotional Marketing Specialist
510 553 0202 x 209 / DL 510 383 4209

Katie joined O2 Marketing in 2001, after spending 6 years selling potato products for Basic American Foods.  She utilizes her previous work experience, Political Science degree from UOP and 4 years in Washington, D.C. to manage the challenging aspects of her business.

She is called "Kissing Kate" by the O2 team since she is always coming up with suggestions and ideas to help O2 and her clients, kissing up to everyone. She is always the one with great brainstorming ideas.

During her non-working hours, she spends time with her two great kids-Molly and Max and her husband Burke.   Managing all the activities is another organizational challenge!  When she takes time for herself, she chooses to do various activities like playing soccer, running/working out, dancing, knitting and spending time with friends.

She enjoys working in the promotional products industry and continues to grow and prosper by working hard, playing fair and having fun!

Jeff Gidre
Partner, Sales
510 553 0202 x 206 / DL 510 383 4206

Delivering the Contra Costa Times in 1976 was Jeff Gidre's first inkling that a career in sales lay ahead.  With additional business preparation in life guarding, pool management and a degree from Santa Clara in history, Jeff decided to launch a career selling promo items.

More than 25 years later Jeff is a partner with O2 Marketing + Design, Inc.  It just goes to show you that careful career preparation, hard work and a complete trust in the unknown can lead to success.  Jeff now heads the sales team and also actively works with customers and vendors in the field.  If you work with Jeff you can tell that his customer service strengths are deep rooted in keeping customers happy! 

Raised in Moraga, CA, Jeff now lives in Lafayette (a whopping 2 miles away) with his soul mate of 25+ years, Linda.  They have two children, Jack (college graduate) and Sarah (college graduate).

In his spare time, Jeff frustrates himself with golf, family operations and commuting.  Jeff's mom Marie is very proud of her son's accomplishments!


Kevin Harrington
Graphic Design
510 553 0202 x 233 / DL 510 383 4218

Kevin attended the Rhode Island School of design, graduating with a BFA in Illustration. He lived In Manhattan for three years, literally a starving artist. Moving on to Florida, he worked for BIC Pen for three years.  He was blissfully unaware that he would return to the Promotional Marketing industry 15 years later.

Since then he has had many Graphic Design positions, mostly in the Newspaper Industry as a production artist. In his coveted free time, he likes print making and metal sculpture.

When he's not at work most of his time is spent with his 17 year old son Gavin whose schedule is pretty busy with water polo, basketball and school events and activities.  Kevin's wife Virginia works in San Francisco for Time Warner as a Sales Manager, for Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Kevin enjoys working at O2 Marketing + Design since they gave him a brand new MAC and AND feed him lots of food, another very important aspect to keeping the artist happy.

Meg O' Dea
Partner, Director of Sales and Marketing
510 553 0202 x 213 / DL 510 383 4213

After 13 years of working for other companies, Meg O'Dea started O2 Marketing + Design with 5 other partners in 2000. Her degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley comes in handy when helping a client design their projects. She focuses on growing her customers as well as connecting with all of O2's customers through her marketing efforts. She excels at working on projects from the early design stages to product fulfillment. Her clients depend on her experience and reliability.

She enjoys hanging out with her family, daughter Casey, son Connor and husband Patrick. She not only cheers for them at their sporting events (water polo and lacrosse) but she also plays water polo for a Master's Women's club. She volunteers and loves to travel. Juggling events and projects at work and home are the norm for her.

Meg takes the O2 credo to heart - Work Hard, Play Fair and Have Fun.

Sabina Rica
Partner, Director of Finance
510 553 0202 x 205 / DL 510 383 4205

Sabina Rica is a co-founder of O2 Marketing + Design, Inc. and has taken a major role in the company since its inception in 2000. She is the Secretary/Treasurer of O2 as well as Director of Finance and Human Resources. She has been working in the field of "promotional marketing finance" for about eighteen years. Previously, she worked in the computer industry.

Sabina's pride and joy is her 25 year old daughter Cassandra who graduated with honors with a degree in Accounting(go figure) and is working at one of the Big 5 while earning her CPA certification. She and her husband have been empty nesters for the past 7 years and have enjoyed relearning each other and travelling. A few years ago, the whole family went to India to celebrate some milestone family birthdays. While there she visited the Taj Mahal and the beautiful beaches of Goa. Today she volunteers at local schools, charities and helps out wherever she can to give back to the community that has given her so much. Her goals are to continue to educate herself, to grow O2  in the coming years and to enjoy her time with family.


After twenty-two years of dreading jury duty, she finally decided to become a U.S. citizen, and since the year 2004, she has voted in every election. She knows more about our country than most native citizens.


Her day-to-day duties are in keeping O2 profitable through low overhead and high receivables, and hiring for available positions.


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